Are you tired of living in your cramped bedroom that is also your home office and at-home gym?  Now may be time for upsizing.  Though an expansion of space may seem exciting, upsizing may cause trouble for unaware home buyers. If you want to move to Halifax or want a new home, you should  keep an eye on the Halifax houses for sale listings.

Being aware of purchase mistakes can save dollars as upsizing can be expensive. But if you do your research,  plan it well, and avoid committing the following mistakes, you should be fine.

Don’t make a hasty decision to buy a bigger home

You may fancy bigger spaces but being grounded to reality is a very good idea as you don’t want to leave your current environment without evaluating markets and applying  some thorough planning.

Be sure to understand the market, compare sales and the value of the house you may be putting an offer  on.  Use a reliable real estate agent  like Michelle Morrow for assistance.  Michelle will supply an analysis of sold properties and a synopsis of competing inventory.

Don’t rush to pay for a speedy, low cost service for your old home or your new upsized one.  Rather, allow yourself time and space to get things done slowly.

Don’t forget to consider space requirements

You have to be realistic about how much space you really need. Assess the space in your current home to identify what is missing or which areas in your living space need improvement.  It may appear that your floor plan or furniture may be the problem and not exactly the space.  It is also a good idea to ensure that you will be able to utilize the maximum space in a new home.

Plan your home as per everyday routine and not special occasions. One good tip is, Instead of buying too many chairs and large sofas for accommodating guests, use foldable chairs which are a real space-saver.

Don’t ignore long-term factors

While making a purchase, picture your long-term goals. Often people forget this. If your new home does not fulfil your future requirements or doesn’t sync with your family’s future needs, it may turn out to be the wrong long-term decision.

Homeowners sometimes forget that bigger homes require extra money investment for maintenance.  If a new larger home is in the cards, plan for larger utility bills and it is a very good idea to save money beforehand and plan an affordable budget for it.

Don’t be casual while planning your finances

You must do your homework on financing before you proceed with buying a spacious and more expensive home. Your time will be wasted if you are not well-informed of the process.  Leaving it to the experts is the best solution if you do not have a firm understanding  about how to apply for loans or mortgages. A financial consultant or mortgage broker can effectively  help you out. A good idea is to compare financing options despite mortgage rates running low. Keep in mind that bigger homes call for an increase in mortgage payments,  property taxes, and home insurance; you must plan your budget accordingly before home shopping.

Don’t overindulge on items for the new home

Just because your home space will increase, it doesn’t mean you need to go on a buying spree for all new furniture. Instead of overindulging on unnecessary items, replace those that are old or are broken, or give some a fresh coat of paint and apply trendy upholstery. Too many items can ruin the depth of a bigger space and also drain your bank account; sometimes it is just better to move in first, and feel the space before adding any new furniture.

Don’t dump your present home & its belongings like that!

Don’t overlook the maintenance of your current home due to hurried planning for upsizing. Routine maintenance of your current home will keep its value and give you a great sale return.   Looking after your current home ensures that you don’t lose out on positive equity that you could apply to your upsized home.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, a reputed Halifax realtor for all your real estate needs. Also visit us for Kentville homes for sale and Fall River homes for sale.

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