Well, this was in interesting election.   As predicted Canada now has a minority government.  Some would say this is a good thing, others will say it is not, hard to say, time will tell.  Before the election it was disheartening to see so many people at each other, some threatening others, lost friendships and lost family ties.  Why do people feel their opinion has to be the opinion of others they associate with? I for one do not want to live in a homogenous society but having said that, what is best for the country is not always going to resonate with individuals or small groups; one cannot please everyone. This does not mean we have to fight or hate one another.   One of the things I am finding disturbing is the continuous hatred post election.  Now we have the West gathering momentum to separate, blaming the East for the new government.  I cannot really say I blame them for disappointment, they have been suffering since 2015 but I do not feel the solution is separation of country.   I would like to see the elected government work to change the damage done to Western Canada.  It is blatantly obvious they are hurting, many losing jobs and their homes while the province continues to pay transfer payments to everyone else.  Alberta, Sask and Manitoba is important to Canada, it is our energy sector lifeline, it should be important to everyone, including the East.   I have no solution to this issue but I have hope and I hope with all my being Canadians will find a way to work together to get the West back on its feet.


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