The beauty of working as a realtor is one can choose to work in a broker’s office space or one’s own personal home space.  Deciding to work from home means the possibility of stealing a bedroom space or a guest space.  Anyone who has ever been out there shopping for a house knows the number of bedrooms is key to a home purchase; three children, four bedrooms, two children, three bedrooms and so on.  The number of bedrooms in a home can sometimes knock a person out of their buying budget as the price difference between a two bedroom home and a three bedroom home can run significantly higher.   Probably one of the most genius ideas was the Murphy bed.  The Murphy bed allows one to have a Full size, Queen size or even King size bed for sleeping comfort that can easily be tucked away during the day for office space, play space or yoga space, it is really up to you.  My Murphy bed allowed me to convert a guest bedroom into my own personal office space without infringing on their comfort; GENIUS

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