Nova Scotia Investment

Depending on the condition of the house, renovation can become a major expense. However, this can also present a good  Nova Scotia real estate investment with many significant opportunities. For those with the right know-how and a good eye for investment properties,...

Kings Edgehill

In 1788 Kings Edgehill school in Windsor Nova scotia was born, it is the oldest private school in the both the common wealth and Canada.  Kings Edgehill also sits on 75 acres of pristine land right in the heart of Windsor. Programs Kings Edgehill has superior sports...

Nova Scotia

I moved to Nova Scotia in 2007 with my spouse and my 3.5 year old.  We drove as we had a very large RV trailer and more vehicles than we could pack on our semi.   The plan was to live in NS for 3-4 years then head West to home.  It is now 2019 and we are still here. ...
Welcome To My New Blog!

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello out there!

Welcome to my new endeavour, BLOGGING! My plan is to write about things that matter when buying or selling a home while also allowing you to get to know me as a  person and not just a someone who facilitates real estate transaction.  I have lived in Nova Scotia since 2007 and what was intended to be 4 years has turned into 12.  Why? Well we just fell in love with this province. As you follow my blog, you will understand why.   Please bear with me, I am new at this!  Cheers!

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