Charity, why does one get involved?  For me charity means being able to give some of what I have, be it time, money or effort on a project to help those in need.  For others, charity is a tax write off, “would rather give it to those in need than the CRA” with little effort made (Business or Corporations).  For some,  it is a good way to get a public spotlight to help boost business, after all if a choice has to be made, wouldn’t a client or potential business partner rather do business with someone who gives?  Regardless of reasons, the bottom line, someone or something in need gets some help.  I have been volunteering and participating in charity endeavours for a very long time, from working in community polices offices to running miles,  to just giving money or an item of value; I have given my time and resources.  For many years I have been involved with World Vision and have sponsored 4 children into adulthood.  Monthly donations to animal causes and just helped out a friend or a person who is down and out, I just like to help when I am able.  I could write a list but one gets the gist.  I have kept most of my good deeds quiet, maybe mentioning an event or charity to get others on board.   Since becoming a realtor, it’s been somewhat of a struggle making the decision “should I post this?”  “should I let my clients and potential clients know the good things I do?”  “What are my reasons for doing this?”  I think my reasons are several.  One, some of the money I earn through doing business with clients is going to a good cause, which then becomes a tax write-off (automatic benefit for anyone who donates to charity).  Two, I want people to know I care about certain causes and maybe, just maybe I can inspire someone to do same.  And three, I just like to feel like I have done some good in such a chaotic world.  As I said before, the bottom line, someone or something is getting some help.



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