Today is throw back Thursday on social media.  I decided to look through some older photos and there he was, my angel cat Milo.  Its been a few months since I looked at a photo of him, the pain is stabbing, I miss him so much.  I have two cats now, Harry and Winston and I do love them, but neither of them have anywhere near the personality that Milo had.  I don’t think many pets do.  Milo was special and I am not just saying this because he was part of my family, he really was different.  There are many people out there that do not really like cats but Milo, could win them over.  He was this quiet, stoic all knowing animal.  Born with congenial cardiomyopathy his life span was unknown.  I remember the first check-up and my vet saying “he has a heart murmur, a significant one”.  I asked what that meant for him, he said he didn’t know, it could be a fast progressive heart disease or he could live a full life, its too early.  Milo was 12 weeks at this point.  Well Milo lived to be 14, he probably would have lived longer had I not brought a kitten into your home so late in his life, he was pretty stressed out.  I will have to live with this decision for the rest of my life.  Having said that Milo had 14 very good years.  He was loved dearly and always had the care he required and some.  When I call Milo stoic I mean it.  This cat had arthritis throughout his body from the young age of 4 yet never complained.  In our last house in winter, I used to put the fireplace on for him, he would spend hours roasting his bones purring away.  His eyes could look into my soul, I cannot explain how much I miss him.  As a realtor I often come across clients who are shopping not only for them but their pets.  Some want a larger yard for their dog/s and some want no stairs for their aging cat and/or dog.  There are people out there that will simply not buy a home if it doesn’t accommodate their pet and I get that.  Pets are family.  It boggles my mind that anyone could dump a pet on the side of the road, worse, a senior pet who has only known the comfort of a home.  I have raised my children not to have a pet if they cannot afford the spay or neuter, feed high quality food and pay for litter as I do not believe in any cat roaming outside.  Indoor pets are the safest.  Be good to your pet.


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