Are You Considering a Nova Scotia  Home Real Estate Purchase?

It is not very difficult to purchase and/or invest in real estate in Nova Scotia.  There are little to no restrictions on the number, size or type of property that can be purchased by non-residents. Having said that, expect to pay fair market prices relative to the popularity of the area you are shopping in. You’ll be pleased to know that non-residents/citizens are able to get bank financing; usually up to 50 – 60% of the purchase value for a Nova Scotia home property purchase.

Why Nova Scotia?

  • According to Stats Canada, Nova Scotia houses are much cheaper than those in Ontario and British Columbia.
  • The price difference is rooted in the economy. Over the last 50 years, Halifax has been slightly depressed compared to the rest of the country; this is changing rapidly so it’s a good time to purchase real estate
  • Vancouver and Toronto are much larger cities than Halifax, so commutes are much easier.
  • Nova Scotia offers a more laid-back life without all the stress of a larger city
  • There is a wealth of theatre, festivals and other attractions are available year-round throughout the province
  • Low crime rates.
  • Healthcare
  • Wine Vineyards
  • Noticeably lower air pollution than in almost any city elsewhere.
  • The entire communications infrastructure of a large country (3 national TV channels, cable, high speed internet) at a small-town pace.
  • Tight knit communities and even urban neighbourhoods are small enough (and the people friendly enough) that you quickly get to know your neighbours.
  • Little or none of the pressures of daily life in a big city. Our largest city, Halifax, has a population of only 370,000 and the whole province has fewer than 1,000,000 residents
  • There is a strong sense of community everywhere in Nova Scotia. Plenty of people volunteer their services to a multitude of worthy causes without hesitation.

Best Time To Purchase Nova Scotia Home Real Estate

The best time to visit Nova Scotia as a prospective property buyer is during the season(s) during which you plan to spend the most time here. That said, the weather is pleasant from about mid-spring until early winter (pushing first part of December). Peak tourist season runs from June through September.

You may want to make a vacation out of your real estate investment trip.  Visit Nova Scotia’s official tourism website, click on “start planning” on the home page and be sure to order the free “Doers’ and Dreamers’ Guide”. It’s packed with everything you’d like to know before “setting sail” to Nova Scotia. If you’re in a rush, be sure to pick one up at the Tourism Information Centre when you enter Nova Scotia at Amherst (by car), at Yarmouth or Digby (by car ferry) or Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport. Check house properties for sale in Nova Scotia on this website listing page.

How Often Can I Visit? 

Pretty much as often as you like. Actually, Canada Customs & Immigration says that you can stay in Canada for up to six months during each calendar year. Any more than this  will require that you apply for an extension. Many non-resident property owners come to visit their Nova Scotia property once a year and spend “the summer” here, say mid-June to mid-October or later. This way, they get to enjoy our moderate summer and autumn seasons. They also bring their dog and cat – the only requirements being that their owner accompanies them and that they have up-to-date vaccination papers with them for each pet. Be sure you bring a valid Passport to expedite your entry.

Can I Move Permanently to Nova Scotia?

This would be the time for you to start doing some serious research. You might start with, the official Nova Scotia government website which offers links to a vast resource of information for potential immigrants.  Be sure to click on “Immigration” and then on “Nova Scotia Immigration” for a very helpful discussion on how Nova Scotia’s provincial government can assist you to immigrate using its “Nova Scotia Nominee Program” and other ways you might get a significant “leg up” on your competition. (Immigration is a federal government responsibility, but Nova Scotia and other provinces are getting a bigger say on the types of immigrants they particularly want to attract.)

Entering “Immigrating to Nova Scotia” on or another search engine of your choice will give you links to immigration lawyers, economic development agencies in Nova Scotia, and the history of immigration to Nova Scotia – over 1,000,000 links in all.

 Nova Scotia Home Real Estate Realtors Play a Key Role 

One of your first steps when purchasing a Nova Scotia home estate property  is to select an agent or what is commonly referred as a “Realtor”.  This professional has knowledge of the geographical area of the real estate you may be interested.   Many realtors in Nova Scotia can be found via google, you will find an excellent realtor here http://MichelleMorrowRealtor   For real estate purchases you will also require the services of a Nova Scotia lawyer/solicitor who will help guide you through to the closing of your purchase.  Your realtor will also help you with choosing other supporting professionals such as home inspectors, septic/well inspectors, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers. If you are looking for local homes for sale in Nova Scotia then explore our property section.

Your Nova Scotia realtor will give you a pretty good idea of what a property purchase price should look like.  Also, ask your realtor to set you up with a local bank or mortgage broker as they usually know several who will work hard to get you the property you have your heart set on.  Canada’s banks are some of the largest and most secure in the world, and they are fairly conservative for ensuring you do not get in over your head.  You will need to provide your mortgage broker with supporting documentation  (most recent tax return and pay stub) so that they are able to qualify you; this is important for you to negotiate when purchasing a home in Nova Scotia.  Pre-approval gives a client more buying power, especially if there are other interested parties.

Know Your Real Estate requirements

Before actively looking at real estate,  you need to decide what your wants (negotiable) and needs are (non-negotiable).  It is a good idea to make a list to give to your new realtor so that he/she understands what you are looking for.  I’ve included some ideas for your list:

  • Safe and quiet neighbourhood or private lot
  • Detached home, or a townhouse condo,
  • Turnkey (move in ready)  or needs work (better price if one does the work)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Master ensuite
  • Walk-in closet in master bedroom?
  • Number of bathrooms in total
  • Finished basement for office or guest room?
  • Back deck or patio
  • Close to public transportation
  • Close to work, schools, church or suburbs
  • Good resale value  (how long will you be there?)
  • Affordable property taxes
  • Within one hour of the airport


Thinking of moving to Nova Scotia? Get in touch, I will be happy to help you find the right property for you.

Call Michelle Morrow (902) 304 1762

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