An intelligent person knows that learning is life-long.  There is no cut off, there isn’t a living human that will know everything there is to know at a certain time and date.  As humanity evolves, there are constant changes. Changes in knowledge, changes in how things are achieved, lessons learned, new things discovered, life is a continuous journey of learning.  A great way to absorb knowledge is reading.  Depending on your learning style, one may choose to listen to an audio book or want a physical hard or softcover book to touch and smell the pages, either works fine.  Audio books are also great for people on the go that spend a significant amount of time in their vehicle and then there are people like me who like to have a physical book in their presence. Call me old school but I need to feel the book.  As a realtor, life tends to be erratic and there isn’t a lot of quiet mind time;I find reading a good book gives me this time. If you have not read a good book in awhile, give it a try, there are some great deals on amazon as well as free audio books with the amazon audio trial.

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