I am not sure if others notice but it feels like time moves much quicker in the millennium.  A colleague and I had this discussion not that long ago.  We both felt that it may have something to with technology and how we are constantly absorbing information and running around multi-tasking only to go home and start our other job, raising a family.   One minute it is spring and the next its winter, another year gone by with the common thought “where did the time go?”  “Slow down” we tell ourselves, some taking up meditation, yoga or a social media sabbatical.  I think a time out of this busy world is essential for one’s mental health.  A quick recharge, a small window to stop and really take in how beautiful one’s world is.  Most recently I invited a few clients and colleagues to a my place of retreat for an afternoon  of creativity.  It proved difficult to find a date that collaborated with most invitees schedules but eventually a date was found.   The morning of the event started with clear sunny skies, a jump into the car for a 40 minute journey of fall coloured leaves that ended with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Fundy.   Within the hour the guests started to arrive and the teacher of our creativity set up her stage.  The amount of flowers was unreal, the colours, the smells, we had our own full blown flower shop right there for our leisure.  We laughed, we talked, we sipped wine, we created, The phones, the laptops the “to do” lists a million miles away; we had a time out and it was good.



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