What about those details? How many times has one walked into a home and thought “blah, so bland”.  What helps make an impression? The details.  From crown moulding to the light fixtures, these details subconsciously pop into one’s mind.  I recently showed a brand new show home and I have to say, bland, no details.  This property was so bland the baseboard and window mouldings looked like old wood pallet wood painted white.  No curves, no character, just straight flat MDF.  The counter tops in the bathroom were cheap laminate,  faucets were shiny cheap chrome yet the price tag on this house was quite high.  Had they used some proper moulding, matched the quarts counters in the kitchen and spent a bit more on the bathroom fixtures, it would have made a world of difference.

I know when I have my first viewing of a home whether it be for a listing appointment or showing a client, I notice the details within seconds.  My eye focuses on light fixtures right away, then mouldings then door/cabinet hardware, plumbing faucets and handles.  I feel if the homeowner or contractor has went cheap on these items, what else have they went cheap on?  Not everyone notices the little details but the trained eye does.

It doesn’t take much to make a house look a little glamorous using the little details.  I suggest when building or preparing a house for sale, one splurges on the lighting fixtures.  Many times I have shown a home clients comment on how much they like the lighting.  I also suggest investing in a high end kitchen faucet, for some reason, this is always a huge hit with the wives.  And cabinet hardware (articles can be found here https://www.facebook.com/helpingiswhatIdo/posts/ .  I don’t know how many times I have went into a kitchen and the hardware was so awful it took away the great lines of the cabinetry.  For 100-200 dollars in new hardware, one can raise the interest in their property.

Don’t rule out the little details, they matter.



Hardware and Fixtures matter when selling a home

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