Websters dictionary describes vanity as “excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements”.   Is vanity a positive or a negative quality?  I think we all suffer from a bit of vanity, I mean most people wake up, brush their teeth, wash their face and comb their hair before heading into the public eye.  A quick walk down a neighbourhood street will divulge the streets vanity.  Curb appeal = vanity.  Waxed car = vanity.  New hair style = vanity.   Perfectly groomed gardens, parks and neat cobblestone streets are all vanity.  In real estate, we are all looking for a vanity.  We want features that pop, updated, open concept, state of the art, trendy with great curb appeal.  We want, vanity.  As a realtor, I want to bring vanity to my clients, I want them to love their home, to be proud to have their friends and family over for a cup of coffee!  It is Saturday morning, bring on the vanity!


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