Are you all set to move to Halifax? Do you have plans to move in the near future? Well, in 2019, around 10,000 people made the decision to move to Halifax and it is undoubtedly one of the popular cities of Canada with high ratings in safety, housing and the healthcare sector. (Contact us for Halifax real estate listings and homes for sale in Halifax)

Though the pandemic has put a halt to many plans to move around the country, read the reasons below as to why you should move to Halifax, Canada. It is time for our Halifax REALTOR®s to get busy  with the changing pattern of the housing market.

  1. Enjoy the panoramic and serene ocean views

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, a Canadian province. The province is  blanketed by surrounding water and there is only a small land mass that connects the province to New Brunswick. The eye-grabbing seascape is a crowd-pleaser and there is no community in the province more than sixty kilometres from the ocean.   If you are a beach lover, enjoy the many white sandy beaches within two hours of halifax and less if you want to play it up with surf and sand on the Eastern side; you have reasons right here to shift to Halifax!

  1. Halifax breathes energy and good vibes

Halifax is not a very big Canadian city, but it is home to 6 esteemed colleges and universities. With over 440,000 people, Halifax secures the 13th position as the largest city in Canada and those who are in love with laid-back lifestyle away from the cacophony of busy city life, would love Halifax. There are places for engaging in socializing with many posh bars, chic restaurants and happening spots churning out live music.

  1. Economic stability and employment opportunities are growing

Turning the pages will reveal that Halifax’s economy has experienced a boost thanks to the growing business opportunities and employment sectors like finance, technology and transportation. In 2019, the labour force growth showed impressive figures, it being 2.6% better than the last 10-year growth chart. The pandemic will give a jolt to the economy, but things are expected to change for the better 2022 onwards.

  1. Comparatively a safe city for you to live in

Though Halifax, like any other city in Canada, experiences crime, the crime scene does not depict a very ruthless picture. Halifax scores low on crime rate as compared to other Canadian cities, making it a relatively safe city to live in. Its overall crime rate is under the national average figures.

  1. Housing costs are on the rise

The housing costs are appreciating so whether you are thinking of buying a house and looking for Halifax houses for sale- you must act now! It is becoming a hot seller’s hub  with prices increasing  the last two years with an expectation to continue to appreciate. The rents are also increasing and it is becoming a challenge to find an availabl and affordable rental home in Halifax!  We are REALTOR®s in Halifax, and we can help you choose the best property for your family and loved ones.

  1. Halifax is friendly, inviting with easy commute

When you think of  commute times in Halifax, you will be happy to know that you can get around Halifax by biking, walking, bus services, ferry services and more. Bike lane projects are on the rise with more means of public transportation becoming a possibility making Halifax one of the most liveable cities.

  1. Education sector is strong in Halifax

Halifax has some of the best educational facilities to offer. While there are scopes for publicly-funded education facilities, massive educational opportunities are there for those in favour of private education. When it comes to making post-secondary choices, Nova Scotia has a host of universities like Mount Saint Vincent University, Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie University with them having their campuses in the heart of Halifax.

So what are you contemplating? Make a decision and take the plunge! It will be worth the decision to find yourself in Halifax! If you want to know about new properties for sale in Halifax and Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley real estate information, contact us today.

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