I moved to Nova Scotia in 2007 with my spouse and my 3.5 year old.  We drove as we had a very large RV trailer and more vehicles than we could pack on our semi.   The plan was to live in NS for 3-4 years then head West to home.  It is now 2019 and we are still here.  I have been back and forth to home over the years and I have no desire to move back.  One is less than hour from the ocean, no matter where one is.  Housing is still very affordable in Nova Scotia, albeit, I am not sure how long this is going to last as prices are increasing.  The people are quite friendly and kind.  My biggest reason for staying in NS is the ocean.  I am a water kid.  I grew up on the lakes of Ontario, my parents owned a 3.5 acre island that had a few docks and a small beach as well as cottage with spectacular views.  Now that I have been to the beaches of NS, the lake my parents island resides on pales in comparison.  There is nothing like the smell of the salt in the sea air when one goes to a beach in NS. The beauty of being a real estate agent in this province is not only do I get to see some pretty cool houses there are many times I discover new lakes and ocean alcoves; it is moments like this, I love my job.


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