In 1788 Kings Edgehill school in Windsor Nova scotia was born, it is the oldest private school in the both the common wealth and Canada.  Kings Edgehill also sits on 75 acres of pristine land right in the heart of Windsor.


Kings Edgehill has superior sports programs, IB programs, academic programs and most recently has added to the fine arts program through dance.  There is also a comprehensive English as a second language program and all students participates in daily sports as well as cadet duties.  Kings Edgehill Cadet Corp 254 is the second largest Cadet Corp in Canada.  There is nothing like watching 300 plus students march through the town of Windsor on remembrance day (see photo).


Because Kings Edgehill is a private school, you must pay out of pocket for tuition.  The average annual day student tuition is approximately 18,000 dollars a year; boarder tuition  is approximately 38,000 dollars per year (see site link for more information).  35% of Kings Egdehill students have access to some form of scholarship and if a strong potential student is able to show need, there is a pretty good chance they will qualify for some type of scholarship.  Some may feel this is a large sum of money, but studies have shown, high school years are the important years as opposed to College or University.  High school is where educational habits and ideals are developed, making it a solid investment in your child’s future.

Why Kings Edgehill

Kings Edgehill is not only the oldest private school in Canada, it is located at the mouth of the Annapolis Valley.  The Annapolis Valley is abundant with farmers markets, wine vineyards and good restaurants.    Housing in Windsor and surrounding areas is still very affordable. The commute to Halifax is only 45 minutes, an International airport is only 45 minutes  and one will be able to shave off another five minutes once full highway twinning is complete.  Windsor is also an up and coming desirable bedroom community to Halifax making it even more desirable for those looking to build their investment portfolio.

Kings Edgehill

Cadet Corp 254 at Kings Edgehill school 2019


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