Home Office

The beauty of working as a realtor is one can choose to work in a broker’s office space or one’s own personal home space.  Deciding to work from home means the possibility of stealing a bedroom space or a guest space.  Anyone who has ever been out there...


Websters dictionary describes vanity as “excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements”.   Is vanity a positive or a negative quality?  I think we all suffer from a bit of vanity, I mean most people wake up, brush their...

How much home can your rent buy?

Why pay rent when one can spend the same amount and own a nice home?  Well, it isn’t so cut and dry.  Everyone has their own reasons for renting; from not understanding the home purchasing process to just not wanting the responsibility of home ownership.  I...
Welcome To My New Blog!

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hello out there!

Welcome to my new endeavour, BLOGGING! My plan is to write about things that matter when buying or selling a home while also allowing you to get to know me as a  person and not just a someone who facilitates real estate transaction.  I have lived in Nova Scotia since 2007 and what was intended to be 4 years has turned into 12.  Why? Well we just fell in love with this province. As you follow my blog, you will understand why.   Please bear with me, I am new at this!  Cheers!

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